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When we do, He will give us courage and reward our respect for His best. Who or what makes it challenging to take a stronger stand for your faith?

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How do you know what the best thing to do is? God put Esther in just the right place at just the right time. She was chosen to be the new queen of Persia, where many Jews lived. Mordecai begged Esther to help. But that meant going to the king, and she could have been killed for doing that without permission. God made sure the king was happy to see Esther when she came. Esther and Mordecai were able to save their people, but only because God planned everything perfectly.

Introduction to the Story of Esther

He put them where they needed to be. When Esther became queen she refused to disclose her lineage to Ahasuerus though she claimed that like him she was of royal descent. She also criticized him for killing Vashti and for following the brutish advice of the Persian and Median nobles, pointing out that the earlier kings Nebuchadnezzar and Belshazzar had followed the counsel of prophets Daniel.

At her suggestion he sought out Mordecai whose advice he requested on how to induce Esther to reveal her ancestry, complaining that neither giving banquets and reducing taxation in her honor nor showering gifts upon her had been of any avail. Mordecai suggested that maidens be again assembled as if the king wished to remarry and that Esther, aroused by jealousy, would comply with his wishes.

But this too was in vain Meg. Mordecai was appointed to the king's gate, the same appointment that Hananiah and his companions had received from Nebuchadnezzar Dan.

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His task was to inform Ahasuerus of any conspiracy against him. Bigthan and Teresh, who had previously kept the gate, became incensed, saying: "The king has removed two officials and replaced them by this single barbarian. Not realizing that Mordecai as a member of the Sanhedrin knew 70 languages, they conversed together in their native Tarsean. In Mordecai's name Esther informed the king, who ordered the two to be hanged. All affairs of state were entered into the king's chronicles and whenever the king wanted to be reminded of past events they would be read out to him. The information given by Mordecai was written in the book, and this was the beginning of Haman's downfall Esth.

The three days appointed by Esther as fast days Esth. Mordecai sent back word complaining that these days included the first day of Passover!

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To which she replied: "Jewish elder! Without an Israel, why should there be Passover? Esther's motive in inviting Haman to the banquet was that he should not discover that she was Jewish, and that the Jews should not say: "We have a sister in the king's palace," and so neglect to pray for God's mercy. She also thought that by being friendly to Haman she would rouse the king's jealousy to such an extent that he would kill both of them Meg. Haman thought that Esther prepared the banquet in his honor, little realizing that she had set a trap for him Mid.

With the revocation of the evil decree, Esther sent to the sages and asked them to perpetuate her name by the reading of the book of Esther and by the institution of a feast.

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When they answered that this would incite the ill-will of the nations, she replied: "I am already recorded in the chronicles of the kings of Media and Persia Meg. Of all the biblical heroines Esther has enjoyed greatest popularity among writers, artists, and musicians, representing feminine modesty, courage, and self-sacrifice. Two early works on this theme were La Representatione della Reina Hester c. The latter, which entirely omitted the character of Vashti and muted the role of Mordecai, contained marked political undertones reflecting popular dissatisfaction with King Henry viii and his ministers of state.

During the 17 th century a drama, Esther , was written by Pierre Du Ryer and a long epic poem of the same name by Jean Desmarets de Saint-Sorlin, both in the austere religious manner of the period.

Esther herself, a model of Christian womanly virtues, evidently represented the sponsor, while Vasthi Vashti represented the king's former mistress, Madame de Montespan, heightening the political implications of the play. Interest in the theme was maintained during the 18 th th centuries, beginning with Manuel Joseph Martin's La Soberbia castigada. Historia … de Esther y Mardocheo A Yiddish play, Esther, oder di belonte Tugend , 3 , was written by J. Herz, and Hebrew adaptations of Racine's classic drama made by S. The virtues of the Jewish heroine were emphasized in the Austrian dramatist Franz Grillparzer 's unfinished play Esther , and other treatments included J.

Bliss' verse drama Queen Esther Almost the only biblical play to escape censorship in 19 th -century England was Esther the Royal Jewess: or the Death of Haman , a lavishly produced melodrama by Elisabeth Polack, which was staged in London in Leconte; H. Daugherty The scenes depicted at Dura-Europos were Esther and Ahasuerus enthroned and Mordecai riding in triumph on a regal white horse. In medieval Christian iconography, Esther was associated with the cult of the Virgin Mary.

Her intercession with Ahasuerus on behalf of the Jews was interpreted as a prefiguration of the Virgin's mediation on behalf of mankind. After the Middle Ages the story of Esther was treated in a less symbolic manner and was used instead as a storehouse of picturesque episodes. The story was sometimes presented in a narrative cycle of varying length or in individual episodes. Examples of the cycle form may be found on an arch over the north portal of the Chartres Cathedral 13 th century , a 17 th -century Belgian tapestry in the cathedral of Saragosa, and an 18 th -century set of Gobelin tapestries.

The Greatest Adventure - Stories From The Bible - Queen Esther

Popular single subjects were the toilet of Esther, the triumph of Mordecai, and the punishment of Haman. Botticelli or Filippino Lippi decorated two marriage-caskets with scenes from the biblical story, including the long misinterpreted figure La Derelitta , now supposed to represent Mordecai lamenting before the palace at Shushan. The Venetian painters Tintoretto and Veronese treated the Esther story as an occasion for pomp and pageantry, Tintoretto painting the Swooning of Esther , a subject later treated by Poussin. The Book of Esther was also popular with 17 th -century artists in the Netherlands.

An early musical treatment of the subject is a 14 th -century motet for three voices, Quoniam novi probatur , in which Haman, or someone whose fate he symbolizes, voices his complaint see C. Parrish, The Notation of Mediaeval Music , — Palestrina wrote a five-voiced motet, Quid habes Hester?

She Wisely Chose “a Time to Speak”

From the late 17 th century onward the Esther story attracted the attention of many serious composers. Some 17 th - and early 18 th -century works were A. Stradella's oratorio Ester, liberatrice dell' popolo ebreo c. Charpentier's quasi-oratorio Historia Esther date unknown ; G. Legrenzi's oratorio Gli sponsali d'Ester ; J. Moreau's choruses for Racine's Esther ; A. Caldara's oratorio Ester Handel's masque Haman and Mordecai , with a text by John Arbuthnot and probably Alexander Pope based on Racine's drama, was first performed at the Duke of Chandos' palace near Edgware in , and was Handel's first English composition in oratorio form.

Worked into a full oratorio 12 years later, with additional words by Samuel Humphreys, it had a triumphant reception at the King's Theater in London in The libretto was translated into Hebrew by the Venetian rabbi Jacob Raphael Saraval — , and two copies of it — with the scenic indications in English and Italian respectively — are in the Ets Haim Library, Amsterdam; no evidence of a performance has yet been discovered see Adler , Prat Mus, 1 , —4, One of the few works on the subject in the second half of the 18 th century was K.