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Explicitly ask them to donate a share—they don't need to buy from you to show you their support. If you don't get any sales from this, don't be discouraged as this is the least qualified source of traffic in this entire list. Don't underestimate the value of putting a link to your store in the right place.

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Post on forums like Reddit , join Facebook Groups , and find niche online communities in your industry. Conduct a search for interests that relate to your business. Join groups that your target customers frequent and become an active member, connecting with others in the community. You can also use groups to get help and support from experienced entrepreneurs. Check out the following communities, for example:. Recommended for: Stores that sell to specific interest groups for example, dog owners.

However, anyone can take advantage of entrepreneur-focused support groups online to get great feedback from those who've been there and done that.

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The best way to get targeted traffic quickly is through paid advertising. The good news is that many paid advertising channels allow you to pay per click. If you're targeting specific countries, you might even want to check out which social networks are popular in certain markets. Before exploring paid social media marketing, populate your main profile's feed with several posts curating content is an easy way to go.

If you're having trouble, consider hiring Kit to help with your paid advertising efforts—a virtual employee that's free forever for Shopify merchants. Kit has helped thousands of Shopify store owners market their online store.

Kit handles Instagram and Facebook advertising, email marketing, and social posting to help drive sales and grow your business. According to Pew Research , Facebook is one of the most popular social networks with the most diverse user base in terms of age, income, gender and ethnicity. That last one—interests—is especially useful. You can use the pages that people have liked on Facebook as the basis to build ideal buyer profiles that determine who your ads reach.

Recommended for: Store owners that have a clear idea of who their ideal customers are and what they like. A store that sells t-shirts with pop culture references, for example, can easily find its audience on Facebook if you target users who are interested in pop culture icons. United By Blue uses Facebook advertising to promote their eco-friendly products.

They can target users who are interested in the environment and conservation to promote their apparel. This example is a carousel ad, where they promote different collections of items. Instagram's visual format and predominantly millennial audience aren't the only appeals of the platform. It also has one of the most engaged user bases among social networks, according to data from Smart Insights. With Instagram advertising, you can display your own visual ad in others' feeds to drive traffic. Beauty and skincare brand Follain uses Instagram ads to promote their free samples. Brandless uses Instagram ads to drive product sales.

Here, they use a video to showcase the product. Recommended for: Fashion, food, fitness and any verticals with strong visuals is a must. If you have high-quality and enticing product photos, plus you want to market to millennials , give Instagram a try. Pinterest is an often under-appreciated channel.

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But it's also the one with the most clearly defined user base. Plus, you can drive significant traffic through free and paid efforts. Using Pinterest is similar to scrapbooking; users create boards to collect and save "Pins" according to specific themes. It's often used to plan events, save interesting articles, and curate wardrobes, so keep that in mind when you advertise on Pinterest.

This ad from bra company ThirdLove takes users directly to the product page, which has a similar look and feel. The first thing many people do when they want to buy something is look it up on Google. Google Ads, formerly Google AdWords, enables your site to be shown at the top of the page when customers search for relevant terms. Google Ads offers a few different options: text ads that show up prominently in search results, and Shopping Ads that show your product photo and price in a more ecommerce-oriented format.

Conduct keyword research to see the search volume for terms that your target customers might be looking for. Many people find Google Ads intimidating because of its complicated interface, so consider hiring a Shopify Expert if you want to seize the opportunity but would rather hand it off.

Messaging about your brand won't be very effective if it only comes from you. Download our checklist to help you prioritize your to-do list! Download our guide to help you stand out to wholesale buyers in a good way! Websites That Work! Download our guide to help you grow your website traffic and increase conversions! Owning Your Vision. Download our guide to help you build a team of people excited to grow your business! We'll let you know when the Bootcamp opens up for the next enrollment if you leave your contact info below.

We'll let you know when early bird pricing opens up for the next enrollment if you leave your contact info below. The Jewelry Brand Makeover Bootcamp! Enter your details below and we'll send you the "Jewelry Promotion Cheat Sheet". FREE Masterclass:. Thank you!!! I love this! We had one for our wedding, and then brought it home for our garden. We left it when we moved, so I would love if my husband could build one like this. This is soo beautiful!

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I would love to do something like this in my backyard. Thanks for sharing this plan. Otherwise great post. Is this structure one that you could attach a swing to in the center? Really cool pergola, Ananda, you have an amazing corner! I have just pinned it. Did you make all of these yourself or someone helped you? It helps me to building a arbor for my garden gate. Your email address will not be published. Recipe Rating. Leave this field empty. Skip to primary navigation Skip to main content Skip to primary sidebar Skip to footer home diy decor garden crafts holiday about Search.

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